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Guangdong Times Foundation

Founded by Mr. Shum Chiu Hung and Ms. Li Yiping, Guangdong Times Charity Foundation (Times Foundation) is one of the earliest charity organizations established by a Chinese private enterprise. Adhering to the mission of “let more people have the ability of achieving the lifestyle they are longing for”, Times Foundation is committed itself to four major fields of education, art, healthcare, poverty alleviation and disaster relief. So far, Times Foundation has accumulatively contributed more than RMB 1,000 million in donations. The cumulative number of direct beneficiaries exceeded 600,000. Times Foundation received a 5A rating from Department of Civil Affairs of Guangdong Province.

Times Foundation always spent a great effect to support the education. In the last 15 years, it has built 13 hope elementary schools in underdeveloped areas, set up scholarships and awards in universities, high schools and elementary schools, and supported schools on capital constructions and upgrading re-constructions etc.

Since 2003, the Times Foundation has funded the establishment of the Non-profit Public Welfare Art Museum, Guangdong Times Museum, and opened to the public in 2010. Through continuous exhibitions and activities such as public education, publication and knowledge production, as well as setting up special funds, the Foundation aims at inheriting and spreading traditional culture and creating more opportunities for contemporary artists. Times Foundation has so far donated RMB 300 Million to support art and culture.

In the field of medical and health care, the Times Foundation has, with great love, made reciprocating contributions to society, supporting the development of scientific research projects for medical and health care that are conducive to the cause of universal human health. To date, the Foundation has built hospitals, supported medical and health care projects, provided surgical treatment for cataract patients, and set up a charity relief fund to help ailing women and children, accumulatively donated close to RMB 100 Million.

Poverty alleviation and relief: The Times Foundation has spared no effort to support the cause of poverty alleviation and relief, as part of which it has helped pair assistance areas--including Bijie and Qiannan of Guizhou Province, Yunnan Province, Foshan, Qingyuan, Zhongshan, Zengcheng, Heyuan, Meizhou, Raoping, Zhanjiang, Guizhou of Guangdong Province --with assistance efforts to alleviate poverty, supported the "June 30 Guangdong Poverty Alleviation Day" for 10 straight years.  Additionally, it participated in the rescue, disaster relief and post-disaster reconstruction of areas affected by the Wenchuan Earthquake, Typhoon Hato in Zhuhai and 2019-nCoV prevention and control.

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Times Museum

Guangdong Times Museum has been through different stages of development.

Guangdong Times Museum is a nonprofit institution funded by private sectors, and Times China has been the core funder since the inauguration of the Museum. Cofounded by Times Property (the former name of Times China) and Guangdong Museum of Art (GDMA), Times Museum was set up as a branch of GDMA at Times Rose Garden in 2003. When Wang Huangsheng, the former director of GDMA, along with Hou Hanru and Hans-Ulrich Obrist, invited Rem Koolhaas and Alain Fouraux to conceptualize an architectural proposal in the D-Lab of the 2nd Guangzhou Triennial in 2005, the Museum was incubated as a hub for artistic experiments in the Pearl River Delta region. After the completion of its facility, Guangdong Times Museum became independent and officially opened its door to the public in December 31, 2010. In November 2018, Guangdong Times Museum initiated Times Art Center Berlin as its parallel institution in Europe with the support of Times China.

Guangdong Times Museum registers the public role of institutions and the social cycle of art.

Every year, we program four to six exhibitions in our gallery space, introduce numerous artists and artworks to the city of Guangzhou, and commission more than a dozen new works. We reach out to our audience through curated events on a weekly basis. We engage with both the artists and the public to develop ideas, produce artworks, and test receptions. We value our public role as a cultural institution, and endeavor to formulate conversations and document social changes.

Guangdong Times Museum is a vital part of the Greater Bay Area’s cultural landscape.

We celebrate the social values of culture and embrace our communities at home and abroad. We attempt to indigenize the language of contemporary art, while also supporting artists to present their critical ideas and to produce ambitious works. By creating a network of thinkers, artists, and initiatives across regions and cultures, we are making Guangzhou and the Museum a great place for art goers and cultural producers.

After a decade of robust programming, Guangdong Times Museum has become a cultural landmark of the city where people can discover art, connect with each other, feel inspired by unexpected learning and worldly experiences.

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