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Ocean Times (Guangzhou)

Ocean Times (Guangzhou), situated along Gangqian Avenue on the shore of Nansha District, Guangzhou, is backed by uplands (Huangshanlu Mountain), faces the ocean (Lion Ocean) and embraces a lake (a large, rare original ecological lake encompassing 80,000 square meters). Thus it's surrounded by a mountain, lake and ocean. The immediate environment is just as impressive, featuring the international 36-hole Nansha Golf Course, the Nansha Marina (the top facility in South China), the five-star sea-view Nansha Grand Hotel, a national AAAA Forest Park, the well-known Tin Hau Temple scenic destination, etc.

Ocean Times (Guangzhou), covering a floor area of approximately 600,000 square meters, comprises seven phases of development with high-rise western style apartments, row villas and detached villas. The high greening rate of 40%, ultra-wide building-to-building distance of 150 to 300 meters, and 200 meters of coastal frontage combine for an outstanding landscape. In addition to the beautiful natural landscape of mountain, lake and sea, the project includes a municipal garden park of nearly10, 000 square meters. Ocean Times (Guangzhou) is destined to be the premier sea-view luxury homes in Asia. It leads the way as an artistic property.

Ocean Times (Guangzhou), which boasts the first seven-star club in Nansha, also enjoys an exclusive view of the 80,000-square-meter Mirror Lake, which perfectly merges with the nearby uplands. The Club has more than 20 support features, combining business, leisure, sports, entertainment and catering. Moreover, it offers a rare indoor, temperature-controlled swimming pool and outdoor borderless double-swimming pools. There are also top-class gyms, pro-level basketball courts, outstanding badminton courts and other amenities.

Ocean Times (Guangzhou) represents the attitude toward the world.

North Gangqian Avenue, Nansha District, Guangzhou (opposite the Nansha Marina)